Victim Compensation Board Meetings

The victim compensation program provides financial assistance to victims of crime or others who may have experienced a financial loss as a direct result of a crime. The program covers expenses of physical harm, mental distress, and economic loss resulting directly from victimization. Eligibility to receive benefits from the program does not require the apprehension or conviction of an offender, and the compensation program is always the payer of last resort. All other sources of economic recovery must be exhausted before compensation benefits can be paid. Compensation may cover medical costs, counseling, funeral expenses, limited expenses for crime scene clean up and lost wages.

The Pinal County Attorney’s Office (PCAO) holds Crime Victim Compensation board meetings every 4-6 weeks.  At these meetings, Crime Victim Compensation board members, who are volunteers from the community decide whether or not claims are eligible for Crime Victims Compensation Program and approve Crime Victim Compensation funds to be paid to victims of crime. The meetings are open to members of the public. At the end of the board meeting, members of the public have the opportunity to address the board. The meeting agenda is posted electronically on PCAO’s website and a physical copy is located in the lobby of the Pinal County Attorney’s Office and Victim Services Division at least 24 hours prior to the board meeting.


Victim Compensation Survey

The Pinal County Attorney’s Office has taken a very strong position on victims’ rights and is constantly seeking ways to improve the services we provide to crime victims. All victims of crime should be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity. The compensation survey is geared toward your experience with our Crime Victim Compensation Program. These responses are utilized to improve Crime Victim Compensation processes, the services we provide, and to recognize those employees who perform above and beyond expectations. We also use this information for grant reporting purposes and responses can determine whether we will receive future funding. If you have any additional comments regarding the Crime Victim Compensation Program, please provide those in the Comments section at the bottom of the survey.


In Her Shoes is a revolutionary community education tool, designed for learning about domestic violence. Based on experiences of real survivors, participants make choices through a simulation of characters in abusive relationships. This workshop will increase awareness of the additional day-to-day struggles women face when seeking out help, deepen compassion and compel participants to take action.

To request an In Her Shoes training contact PCA Victim Services.