INVESTIGATIONS ARS 13-4405 & 8-386 (Information provided to victims by law enforcement agencies)

When an incident happens and law enforcement becomes involved it is their job to document it and potentially investigate.  As part of the investigation the police interview witnesses, preserve evidence and prepare reports containing the results of their investigation.  The reports, along with other evidence, are then submitted to the Pinal County Attorney’s Office for charging review.

Additionally, the law enforcement agency has the responsibility of advising all crime victims of their right to be informed throughout the criminal justice process. The investigating law enforcement agency is required to:

  • Advise the victim whether the suspect is an adult or juvenile.
  • Advise the victim whether the suspect is in custody.
  • Notify the victim of the date, place, and time of the suspect’s initial appearance.
  • If the suspect is not in custody, law enforcement advises the victim at the earliest opportunity of the suspect’s arrest.
  • Provide the victim with an explanation of their rights and how to request them.
  • Provide a REQUEST/WAIVER form to the victim.
  • Tell the victim about emergency and support services that may be able to provide the victim with assistance.


It is common during a police investigation for property to be seized and removed from the scene. The law enforcement agency will normally consult with the prosecuting attorney regarding the return of your property. In many cases, property is returned to victims in a timely manner, however, there are circumstances in which the release of property is not possible until after the conclusion of the case. In those cases, the police and/or prosecutor will advise you as to the reason the property may not be returned. ARS 13-4429 & 8-408 (Return of victim’s property; release of evidence).