The Civil Division serves as in-house counsel for Pinal County and its elected officials, entities and 50-plus departments, including—the Board of Supervisors, Sheriff, Recorder, Assessor, Treasurer, Superintendent of Schools, and Public Fiduciary.  Find more information about the elected officials below.

The Pinal County Office of the Clerk is located at the Pinal County Superior Courthouse.

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Pinal County Superior Court Judges are listed below.  Read more about Superior Court Judges here.

Hon. Stephen F. McCarville, Presiding

Superior Court Presiding Judge & Civil Presiding Judge

Hon. Kevin D. White
Superior Court Associate Presiding Judge

Hon. Joseph R. Georgini
Family Law Presiding Judge

Hon. Steven J. Fuller 

Hon. Daniel A. Washburn
Juvenile Presiding Judge

Hon. Jason R. Holmberg
Criminal Presiding Judge

Hon. Delia Neal

Hon. Christopher J. O’Neil


Hon. Patrick K. Gard

Hon. DeLana J. Fuller 

Hon. Richard T. Platt 

Hon. Lawrence A. Wharton 

Hon. Dwight P. Callahan 

Hon. Robert C. Olson
Presiding Probate Judge

Hon. Barbara A. Hazel


Hon. Karen F. Palmer

Pinal County has eight Justice Courts with presiding judges.

Precinct 7, Apache Junction Justice Court
Hon. Shaun Babeu

Precinct 2, Casa Grande Justice Court
Hon. John Ellsworth

Precinct 3, Eloy Justice Court
Hon. Eustino III “Tino” Tarango

Precinct 1, Florence Justice Court
Hon. Brett Eisele

Precinct 4, Mammoth Justice Court
Hon. Arnold Estrada

Precinct 5, Oracle Justice Court
Hon. Nancy Discher

Precinct 6, Superior Justice Court
Hon. Larry Bravo

Precinct 8, Maricopa Justice Court
Hon. Lyle Riggs

Sheriff Mark Lamb

Mark Lamb was elected as the 24th Sheriff of Pinal County on January 1st, 2017.  The Sheriff’s headquarters is located in Florence.  In addition, PCSO has 10 substations located throughout Pinal County.  Gold Canyon (Region A)Ironwood (Region A)San Tan (Region A)Florence (Region B)Kearny (Region B)San Manuel (Region B)Oracle (Region B)Saddlebrooke (Region B)Arizona City (Region B)Casa Grande (Region C), and Stanfield (Region C).

Find more information about Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

There are five district supervisors in Pinal Couty:

District 1 Supervisor Kevin Cavanaugh was elected to the Board of Supervisors in November 2020. Representing Florence, Coolidge, and the Copper Corridor.

District 2 Supervisor Mike Goodman is an Arizona native and resident of Pinal County for 15 years.

District 3 Supervisor Stephen Miller is an Arizona native and resident of Pinal County for more than 40 years, Steve Miller took office in January 2013.

District 4 Supervisor Jeff McClure was elected to the Board of Supervisors in November 2020. Representing the City of Maricopa and southern Pinal County.

District 5 Supervisor Jeff Serdy represents the Apache Junction and Gold Canyon region of Pinal County.


A Constable is an Elected Officer who serves in the Justice Region where they reside.  A Constable serves both criminally and civilly during the process of the Magistrate and Justice of the Peace Court or other competent authority.  Voters elect Constables in their Justice Region for a period of four years.  The nature of their duties involved interacting with citizens in the Region that they serve.  A Constable is one of two Elected Peace Officers in the State of Arizona.  They are responsible for the process out of the Justice of Peace and Magistrate Courts. The other one is the Sheriff who is responsible for the processes out of the Superior Court.

The Constables and Sheriffs have similar duties and responsibilities by State Law but differ in the fact Constables do not patrol and generally do not investigate crimes.  Constables are also not mandated to maintain a Jail system.

Below is a list of the local Pinal County Constables:

Mal Osgood
Precinct 1 – Constable, Pioneer Justice Court
Constable Phone: 520-709-8656
Court Phone: 480-982-2921
Court Fax: 520-866-6153
575 N Idaho Road, Suite 200
Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Scott Elliott
Precinct 2 – Constable, Casa Grande Justice Court
Constable Phone: 520-705-3794
Court Phone: 520-836-5471
Court Fax: 520-866-7404
820 E Cottonwood Lane
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

David Irvin
Precinct 3 – Constable, Central Pinal Justice Court
Constable Phone: 520-705-1695
Main Court Phone (Florence location): 520-866-7194
Main Court Fax (Florence location): 520-866-7190
Satellite Office Phone (Eloy location): 520-483-7072
Satellite Office Fax (Eloy location): 520-466-4473
Main Court Location:
400 S Central Avenue – Florence, AZ 85132
Satellite Office Location:
801 N Main Street – Eloy, AZ 85131

Glenn Morrison
Precinct 4 – Constable, Western Pinal Justice Court
Constable Phone: 520-840-5294
Court Phone: 520-866-3999
Court Fax: 520-866-3990
19955 N Wilson Avenue
Maricopa, AZ 85139

Mike Sloan
Precinct 5 – Constable, Copper Corridor Justice Court
Constable Phone: 520-709-8658
Main Court Phone (Superior location): 520-866-6950
Main Court Fax (Superior location): 520-689-2369
Satellite Office Phone (Oracle location): 520-866-7801
Satellite Office Fax (Oracle location): 520-866-7812
Main Court Location:
60 E Main Street – Superior, AZ 85173
Satellite Office Location:
1470 N Justice Drive – Oracle, AZ 85623

Ted Gremmel
Precinct 6 – Constable, Apache Junction Justice Court
Constable Phone: 480-694-8595
Court Phone: 480-982-2921
Court Fax: 520-866-6153
575 N Idaho Road, Suite 200
Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Pinal County Treasurer

Michael McCord

Michael P. McCord was elected to the position of Treasurer in 2016.  He serves as the 27th Treasurer of Pinal County. The Recorder’s Office has three satellite locations: Apache JunctionCasa Grande, and Mammoth.

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Virginia Ross

Virginia Ross was elected to office in 2012.  She began serving as the Pinal County Recorder in January 2013. The Recorder’s Office has two satellite locations: Apache Junction and Casa Grande.

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Douglas Wolf is the 21st person to serve as your elected County Assessor. Mr. Wolf was elected in 2012.

Find more information about the County Assessor’s Office.

Jill Broussard is the current County School Superintendent. The County Superintendent is elected for a four-year term on a partisan ticket. A current teaching certificate is required to hold the office.

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