Pinal County Attorney’s Office Criminal Division has distinct bureaus: Major Crimes Bureau, Trial, Drug Bureau, Juvenile, Appellate, and Justice Court Bureau.

In our bureaus, there are roughly 35 attorneys who handle our cases and another 35 support staff.  Additionally, we have nine investigators who assist in case and trial preparation by locating and serving witnesses and conducting standard and forensic interviews.

In 2018, our trial bureau has prosecuted and closed over 1000 cases.  This group prosecutes burglaries, felony assaults, and vehicular offenses and other non-violent criminal violations.

Over half of all charged felonies involve the possession, sale, manufacturing, or transportation of drugs.  To combat this rampant issues we have a dedicated drug bureau.

Most citizens will hopefully never have involvement in the criminal justice process as a victim, witness or defendant.

Nevertheless, information is provided here to give citizens interested in or needing general knowledge about how our system works and what to expect in the prosecution process.