Restitution is paid to a victim after an economic loss incurred as a direct result of a crime committed against them.  The victim loss statement is a notarized document completed by the victim of a crime, detailing the losses incurred as a direct result of the offense.

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Once a victim loss statement is completed and submitted, the Victim Services Unit delivers it to the court. The judge may use the victim loss statement as a guide in determining the amount of restitution awarded to the victim.  After the court determines the appropriate amount of restitution, a monthly payment or percentage of an inmate’s account can be taken to pay the victim back.

For more information, please contact the Pinal County Attorney’s Office Victim Services Unit by calling 520.866.6813.

According to ARS § 13-806, a victim can apply for criminal restitution after the sentencing of a defendant.

If the defendant cannot pay the full amount of restitution ordered, monthly payments are established for the defendant to pay to the Clerk of the Court. Once a restitution payment is received, the Clerk of the Court will issue a check to the victim.

If you are not receiving restitution payments, and the defendant is on probation, contact the Pinal County Adult Probation Department.  The Adult Probation Department has jurisdiction to request a restitution compliance hearing for the period of the probation term (A.R.S. § 13-810).

Who tracks whether a defendant ordered to pay restitution complies with the court order?

The Collections Department of the Clerk of the Superior Court’s Office maintains a record of restitution ordered, payments made, and the balance remaining in the order. In order to ensure restitution orders are fulfilled, liens may be placed on motor vehicles or other real property owned by the defendant.

To inquire more on a restitution order, you may contact the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court’s Office at 520.866.5300.