Oracle Arizona Adds A New Little Free Pantry

Have you heard of a Little Free Pantry? The Oracle Fire District and several volunteers are excited to open the first one in Pinal County. Located at the Oracle, AZ Community Center, organizers hope that those in need will be able to find food, toiletries, and pet supplies that they are unable to purchase for themselves during these difficult times. The pantry is entirely free and stocked by members of the community. If you’d like to learn more about creating a pantry, visit

Sky is the Limit

San Tan Valley, Arizona – The Pinal County Attorney’s Office in partnership with the Florence Unified School District, United Way, Compassion Care Center, Girl Scouts USA, and Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation was proud to host more than 35 sixth to eighth-grade girls and their mothers at Poston Butte Highschool to take part in this years’ “Sky is the Limit” event.

Each participant was able to spend the Saturday with their mother designing their craft journals and listening to local experts talk about issues every teen should consider. It is an event designed to open the lines of communication between teens and their parents so that everyone is better prepared to react when issues arise in their lives.

To learn more about Sky is the Limit watch this video below:

Why PCAO will have a presence at the 54th legislative session

FLORENCE, Ariz. — On Monday, January 14, 2019, the Arizona legislature held its opening ceremony.  Arizona Representative (R) David Cook invited both Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer and Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb to the 54th legislative session.  During the ceremony, Governor Doug Ducey made his fifth State of the State speech to attendees.

We will have representatives from Pinal County Attorney’s Office at Arizona’s 54th Legislative session to listen and answer questions on laws that may have an impact on Pinal County.  We asked County Attorney Kent Volkmer to explain why it is important for PCAO to have a presence during the 2019 legislative session.



Make a Diversion payment on the Pinal County Diversion Payment Portal.

At the discretion of the County Attorney, a defendant may participate in the PCAO Adult Diversion Program.  This program is administered pursuant to A.R.S. § 11-361 et seq. and is subject to individual eligibility criteria.

In this video, Jarrett talks about how he ended up in PCAO’s Diversion Program

Under this program, a defendant enters a formal agreement that includes his/her admission to the crime and the defendant’s promise to abide by all program requirements. Diversion typically begins before formal legal proceedings commence. Diversion benefits the State and victims by resolving cases in a prompt and efficient manner, saving both time and public funds. Additionally, defendants  are more likely to successfully complete diversion programs and have lower recidivism rates than those sentenced to probation or prison. Before a defendant begins Diversion, PCAO calls the victim to discuss the matter. Court proceedings are suspended during participation in Diversion, except for occasional review hearings to confirm the defendant’s progress and compliance with program requirements. Successful completion results in dismissal of the charge(s) and no further prosecution of that matter; while failure to complete Diversion generally results in resumption of the criminal court proceedings and prosecution of the alleged offense(s).

Diversion FAQ’s

At the discretion of the County Attorney, a defendant may participate in the Pinal County Attorney’s Office (PCAO) Adult Diversion Program.  This program is administered pursuant to A.R.S. 11-361 et seq. and is subject to individual eligibility criteria.

There is no specific timetable for this program. Diversion is completed once all requirements are fulfilled. The length of the program will be determined by the requirements deemed necessary.

This self-pay program is at the defendant’s expense. Program fees are determined at intake based on federal guidelines.

Upon successful completion of the program, the charges will be dismissed resulting in no criminal conviction.

Offenders are held accountable for their actions, but are also given the opportunity to correct negative behavior associated with criminal activity.

Failure to complete Diversion generally results in resumption of prosecution of the alleged offense(s).

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Statement on death of Rep. Frank Pratt

County Attorney Kent Volkmer released the following statement on the death of Arizona state Representative Frank Pratt this week: “Frank Pratt was a tireless advocate for his constituents. His passing is an enormous loss for Pinal County, as he was a great legislator and an even better human being. May he find eternal peace.”

9/11 message on 20-year mark

FLORENCE – 20 years ago, thousands of Americans lost their lives in the horrific terror attacks on September 11th, 2001. County Attorney Kent Volkmer has the following message as the country remembers the events and lives lost on 9/11.

Diversion Program surpasses 1,400 successful cases

FLORENCE – More than 1,400 people have successfully completed the Diversion Program since it returned to the Pinal County Attorney’s Office in 2017. The Diversion Program provides a path for some defendants to earn the ability to avoid a potential conviction, while learning tools to prevent similar problems from reappearing later in life. The mission […]

Community group helping pick up trash

CASA GRANDE – The Pinal County Attorney’s Office would like to extend a special thank you to community members who are going above and beyond to pitch in and pick up trash in their neighborhoods.  One such group is located in Casa Grande.  “This is our town,” said resident Megan Sanders. “We should take pride […]

Illegal Desert Dumping

Drive around Pinal County and you have likely come across tires, mattresses or other bulky items dumped in the desert. Illegal dumping is not only an eye sore in our beautiful county, but it often occurs close to residential homes or properties. County Attorney Kent Volkmer is working to address this issue. Going forward, there […]

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