Sixteen Pinal County Law Enforcement Recognized During Ceremony

County Attorney Kent Volkmer

FLORENCE, Ariz. (April 9, 2019) – On Tuesday April 9, 2019, Pinal County Attorney’s Office held their National Crime Victims’ Rights Week 3rd Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Night.

Law enforcement professionals across Pinal County received recognition for going beyond the call of duty during the event. County Attorney Kent Volkmer welcomed about 165 law enforcement, family, and other community members to the Anthem Grill in Florence for the award ceremony.

Victim Services Manager, Teresa Fuller

"We need to show law enforcement our appreciation. By holding an event like this it allows our law enforcement partners to share inspirational messages and stories recognizing their hard work," Kent Volkmer said.

Additionally, Victim Services Manager Teresa Fuller, spoke about why the annual event is important to Pinal County Attorney’s Office Victim Services Division.

"Our awards evening is important to us because it gives us the opportunity to recognize law enforcement officers in Pinal County. We want to recognize the dedication that our law enforcement demonstrate to ensure our victims’ voices are heard, rights are upheld, and that justice is served," Victims Services Manager Teresa Fuller said.  Pinal County Attorney’s Office wants to congratulate the award recipients. We want to thank our law enforcement partners for their hard work and dedication.



Kearney Police

County Attorney Volkmer, Sgt. Michael Green, Chief Lujan

Apache Junction Police Department
Officer Joe Lucero Officer George Ruan

Casa Grande Police Department
Detective Brian Walsh

Central Arizona College Police Department
Officer Brenda Erickson

CoreCivic Red Rock Correctional Center
Case Manager Joshua Fullmer

Eloy Police Department
Detective Sharonda G. Dean

Hayden Police Department

Officer Robert Youdelman, County Attorney Volkmer, and Chief Tamatha Villar

Florence Police Department
Officer Jarrod Ballard

Hayden Police Department
Officer Robert Youdelman

Kearny Police Department
Officer Anthony Clubb

Mammoth Police Department
Sergeant Michael Green

Maricopa Police Department
Officer Donnie Burnias

Apache Junction Police Department

County Attorney Volkmer, Officer Joe Lucero, Chief Thomas Kelly, Officer George Ruan

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
Detective Randall W. Snyder

Superior Police Department
Officer Tyler Hall

Pinal County Attorney’s Office
Investigator Mike Keck
Deputy County Attorney Amy Diedrich
Deputy County Attorney Matt Reed




Why PCAO will have a presence at the 54th legislative session

FLORENCE, Ariz. -- On Monday, January 14, 2019, the Arizona legislature held its opening ceremony.  Arizona Representative (R) David Cook invited both Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer and Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb to the 54th legislative session.  During the ceremony, Governor Doug Ducey made his fifth State of the State speech to attendees.

We will have representatives from Pinal County Attorney's Office at Arizona's 54th Legislative session to listen and answer questions on laws that may have an impact on Pinal County.  We asked County Attorney Kent Volkmer to explain why it is important for PCAO to have a presence during the 2019 legislative session.



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Criminal Statistics

Criminal Justice: Pinal County

Pursuant to Arizona law and in an effort to provide transparency to the criminal justice system process, this office will publish, on its website, certain criminal justice statistics beginning on January 1, 2019 through the current month.

On this website, you will be able to find criminal justice statistics for cases charged by the Pinal County Attorney's Office. You can also find data for age, gender, and ethnicity of defendants.

You will need to click on each graph listed below to see the corresponding data. You can also hover over the pie chart to see additional data.

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DPS and FBI Criminal Statistics

Arizona DPS and the FBI compile reports on crime statistics. For further information, use the links below.

Here is a link to Arizona DPS crime statistics:

Here is a link to FBI crime statistics:

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Data limitations are as follows:

The populated information is from January 1, 2019, to present.

Prior felony conviction data may not accurately reflect a defendant's complete criminal history.

The data includes only felony cases and misdemeanor cases filed in Pinal County Superior Court.

This data does not include information on juvenile defendants.

All data is periodically updated. For complete case information, please refer to the Pinal County Superior Court case files.

If you are a victim or a witness in a case, please contact the assigned Victim Advocate or Deputy County Attorney for information on the case at (520)866-5500.

Arizona state law prohibits the dissemination of criminal history records obtained from the state central repository except authorized by statute. See Arizona Revised Statutes section 41-1750 et seq.

This report will reflect the information as provided by law enforcement officers.

All cases in the database are referenced by law enforcement agency departmental report numbers.

Family Advocacy Centers

At Family Advocacy Centers, the Pinal County Attorney's Office has the experience to help individuals, children, and families reporting abuse by coordinating a comprehensive approach to the investigation and intervention process.

The staff consists of representatives from the Pinal County Attorney’s Office who work in partnership with law enforcement, the Department of Child Services, Office of Child Welfare Investigations and medical and mental health professionals to address the physical, emotional, and legal dimensions of abuse.

Victim advocates are trained professionals that assist and support victims of crime. Advocates provide information on victimization, victims’ legal rights and protections, explain the criminal justice process and help victims with victim compensation applications. The victim advocate also facilitates other important resources and counseling referrals for victims and their families. Victim advocates are responsible for conducting follow-up calls with victims after their visit at the family advocacy center to ensure their needs for assistance and information are being addressed.

Download information on the Multi-Disciplinary Protocol for The Joint Investigation of Child Abuse.

See Inside: A look at the San Tan Valley FAC Center

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Civil Division

The Civil Division serves as in-house counsel for Pinal County and its officials, entities and 50-plus departments, including—the Board of Supervisors, Sheriff, Recorder, Assessor, Treasurer, Superintendent of Schools, and Public Fiduciary.

By statute, the Civil Division is also authorized to provide legal services to certain county special taxing districts (such as the Flood Control District, and Public Health Services District), along with several school districts in the County. Pursuant to Arizona law, the County Attorney’s Office, including the Civil Division, cannot provide legal advice or representation to any private individuals or entities.

The Civil Division has a staff of 8 attorneys and 5 legal support professionals, who provide a broad array of legal services covering the following areas: general legal advice and representation; defending lawsuits and claims; negotiating and drafting contracts, and other transactional matters; intergovernmental operations and projects; open meetings; public records; personnel and labor; zoning, planning and land use; public education; elections; local taxation; environmental; code enforcement; and legislative review.

The Civil Division also represents the State of Arizona in civil asset forfeiture proceedings, civil mental health commitments hearings, and uncontested adoptions. The County Attorney’s Office is committed to furthering the needs and goals of the County through superior legal services that foster professionalism, efficiency and adherence to the law.

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Criminal Division

Pinal County Attorney's Office Criminal Division has distinct bureaus: Major Crimes Bureau, Trial, Drug Bureau, Juvenile, Appellate, and Justice Court Bureau.

In our bureaus, there are roughly 35 attorneys who handle our cases and another 35 support staff.  Additionally, we have nine investigators who assist in case and trial preparation by locating and serving witnesses and conducting standard and forensic interviews.

In 2018, our trial bureau has prosecuted and closed over 1000 cases.  This group prosecutes burglaries, felony assaults, and vehicular offenses and other non-violent criminal violations.

Over half of all charged felonies involve the possession, sale, manufacturing, or transportation of drugs.  To combat this rampant issues we have a dedicated drug bureau.

Most citizens will hopefully never have involvement in the criminal justice process as a victim, witness or defendant.

Nevertheless, information is provided here to give citizens interested in or needing general knowledge about how our system works and what to expect in the prosecution process.

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