Keep your pets safe this Summer

FLORENCE, AZ - As we head into Summer, remember to keep your pets top of mind and ensure they are safe from the scorching hot temperatures.

As temperatures soar, keeping your pet inside is the best option during peak heat. At the very minimum, make sure they have access to shade and a lot of water if spending time outside. Of course, never leave them inside a hot car.

"As a County, we really just want to keep our pets safe," said County Attorney Kent Volkmer. "We need your help to do that."

Pinal County has a dedicated team at Animal Care and Control that works to ensure pets are safe and protected. Animal control officers respond to calls, educate pet owners and can even issue citations if the situation warrants.

"We're always here to help and we want to hear from you," said Pinal County Animal Care and Control Director Audra Michael.

You can reach Animal Care and Control at 520-509-3555. You can also report tips anonymously.

"If someone is being a bad [pet] owner, we're not afraid to hold them legally accountable," Volkmer said. "Of course, we hope it never gets to that point."

Pinal County Animal Care and Control also has a shelter located in Casa Grande, with more than 170 dogs and several cats that are available for adoption. The shelter is located at 1150 S. Eleven Mile Corner.