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PCAO Launches New Podcast Focused on Crime, Cases and Criminal Justice Questions

FLORENCE, AZ (January 29th, 2024) - The Pinal County Attorney's Office is launching a new podcast to help community members better understand the criminal justice system, while also giving insight into why and how certain cases were prosecuted. 

"Courtroom Chronicles with the County Attorney" will be airing on most major podcast platforms, and will also be visible on the PCAO Facebook page and YouTube channel. The series will feature crime, cases and questions with County Attorney Kent Volkmer. Additional guests will also appear.

"I hope this series gives valuable insight to those looking to better understand what we do as prosecutors, including how we evaluate cases, how we make difficult charging decisions and what the true role of a prosecutor is," Volkmer said. 

PCAO will produce two episodes a month, with one featuring a criminal case that has been fully resolved, and another diving into the dynamics of the criminal justice process. PCAO will also take suggestions from the community and answer any questions residents might have.

"Simply, this is a cool opportunity to expand on elements of the criminal justice system that are often of huge interest to our community," said Public Information Officer Mike Pelton. "We hope those who watch or listen find it entertaining, educational and a great opportunity to better understand the inner workings of the process."


Audio/PodBean: https://bit.ly/42gn2HE
Apple Podcasts: https://bit.ly/49cYp0N