Pinal County Victim Compensation Program in search of new Board Members

(FLORENCE, AZ) - The Pinal County Victim Compensation Program is in search of new Victim Compensation Board Members.

The Board meets one time per month, generally on the third Thursday of each month.  The public meetings are virtual and last between one to two hours on average.  The Board makes all eligibility and award decisions for Pinal County’s Victim Compensation Program, in accordance with applicable laws and rules.

The Board members are appointed for a three year term, which can be renewed.  They will go through training with the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission (ACJC) and receive additional training as required or needed.

Potential new members would need access to a computer, internet, email, and be able to read the supporting documentation.  They will reside in Pinal County.  They will be reading what could be perceived as graphic and/or upsetting details of crimes committed in Pinal County.  They will be able to maintain a thorough understanding of the program rules and have the ability to read and comprehend Board packets. They will be expected to follow strict rules of confidentiality due to the sensitive nature of the information.

If you are interested in an unpaid volunteer opportunity to help victims of crime, please apply at: and search Crime Victim Compensation Board Member.

If you would like more information, please call 520-866-6805.  We can also be reached at