Pinal County Diversion Program reports a 13% Increase in Participation in 2019

Last year, the Pinal County Diversion program served 529 people in 2019, giving those participants a chance to work through the program as a means to avoiding a costly trial and jail time. Under this program, a defendant enters a formal agreement that includes his/her admission to the crime and the defendant’s promise to abide by all the program requirements.

Diversion typically begins before formal legal proceedings commence. Diversion benefits the State and victims by resolving cases in a promp; and efficient manner, saving both time and public funds. Additionally, defendants are more likely to successfully complete diversion programs and have lower recidivism rates than those sentenced to probation or prison.

In the program, defendants are also encouraged to give back to their communities by participating in various service projects like school supply drives for elementary and highschool kids or hygiene kit donation drives benefiting local women’s shelters.


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