Pennsylvania woman sentenced to nearly 50 years in case involving child sex trafficking

(FLORENCE, AZ) -A Pennsylvania woman has been sentenced to nearly 50 years in prison in a case involving child sex trafficking.

On March 29th, 2023, Pinal County Superior Court Judge Jason Holmberg sentenced Brooke Santiago, 41, to 49 years in the Arizona Department of Corrections, followed by lifetime probation.

Santiago pled guilty to Child Sex Trafficking, a Class Two Felony and Dangerous Crime Against Children; Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, a Class Two Felony and Dangerous Crime Against Children; and Sexual Exploitation of a Minor in the Second Degree, a Class Three Felony and Preparatory Dangerous Crime Against Children.

According to court documents, Santiago arranged for adult males to have sexual intercourse with a juvenile in exchange for money. The juvenile disclosed details during a forensic interview. Unable to have her own children, Santiago also hoped the juvenile would get pregnant in order to have kids. The encounters with other men occurred at a hotel in Casa Grande.  Investigators were able to search Santiago's phone and found corroborating messages that showed Santiago knew of the ongoing sexual encounters between the juvenile and other men.