PCAO selected as model site for national program designed to improve behavioral health outcomes

(FLORENCE, AZ August 1st, 2023) - The Pinal County Attorney's Office Adult Diversion Program has been selected as a model site for a national program designed to improve behavioral health outcomes.

PCAO has been chosen as one of the 10 inaugural programs that will serve as model examples for the national Criminal Justice-Mental Health Learning Site Program. PCAO will be serving alongside 9 other sites that are leading the way with innovative practices, aimed to improve outcomes for people with behavioral health needs in the criminal justice system. The selected sites are:

1️⃣ Pinal County Attorney’s Office Adult Diversion Program, Pinal County, AZ (Program Type: Prosecutor-Led Diversion)

2️⃣ California State University San Bernardino FAITHS Throughcare Program, San Bernardino, CA (Program Type: Jail-Based Treatment)

3️⃣ Boulder County’s Community Justice Services, The Behavioral Health Assistance Program, Boulder County, CO (Program Type: Jail Reentry Program)

4️⃣ Bonneville County Mental Health Court, Bonneville, ID (Program Type: Specialty Court)

5️⃣ Lancaster County Department of Community Corrections, Lancaster, NE (Program Type Court-Based Diversion)

6️⃣ Bronx EAC Mental Health Court, Bronx, NY (Program Type: Specialty Court)

7️⃣ Downtown Austin Community Court, Austin, TX (Program Type: Specialty Court)

8️⃣ Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network Behavioral Justice Center Division, Waco, TX (Program Type: Jail-Based Diversion)

9️⃣ Virginia Department of Corrections Community Corrections, Richmond, VA (Program Type: Specialized Probation for People with Mental Health Needs)

🔟 The Washington Corrections Center for Women’s Mental Health Department, Tumwater, WA (Program Type: Prison Reentry Program)

PCAO will be sharing expertise and knowledge with other criminal justice and mental health agencies and organizations.