PCAO moves into new building

FLORENCE - The Pinal County Attorney's Office new building opened this week, adding to the criminal justice complex in Florence.

A ribbon cutting ceremony marked the opening of the new building Wednesday. The new building is located at 971 North Jason Lopez Circle.

The five-story office took 18 months to build, cost roughly $20 million and will house approximately 150 county employees.

"My very first thank you, really, is to the public, is to the taxpayer," County Attorney Kent Volkmer said. "We as a government entity have an obligation to use those resources wisely and use them to their benefit."

PCAO's criminal prosecutors, administration and victim advocates will now all be located in the same building.

"Our office is very symbolic, for justice to occur there is a constant friction, there is a dichotomy, there is a battle of personal accountability and mercy," Volkmer said. "Justice is found where mercy and personal accountability meet. My sincere hope is when they see this building, when you see it when you drive by it, that you'll remember that dichotomy that justice is found where those few things meet."