Illegal Desert Dumping

Drive around Pinal County and you have likely come across tires, mattresses or other bulky items dumped in the desert.

Illegal dumping is not only an eye sore in our beautiful county, but it often occurs close to residential homes or properties.

County Attorney Kent Volkmer is working to address this issue. Going forward, there will be a focus on community cleanups, finding additional alternative options for residents who need to dispose of old and bulky items, as well as targeting offenders.

You can also find information on illegal dumping on the Pinal County website.

See below a message from County Attorney Kent Volkmer, as well as pictures of illegally dumped items.

Let's keep Pinal County a pristine place to live and play.


Old recliner left in the desert


Couch, mattresses and an old tv left in a dirt lot


Items left in the desert near a well marked 'No Dumping' sign


Tires left along the side of the road


Mattress left in the desert


Another mattress left in the desert