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Crime Victim Compensation is a federally funded program that helps victims with medical, dental, counseling, work loss, funeral, travel, and crime scene clean-up expenses.  There is an application process for victims of reported crimes in which the victim is physically or mentally harmed. To qualify there has been a report that a crime occurred.  Victim compensation is a reimbursement basis program that is on-going until the victim no longer needs financial assistance or the claim reaches a limit. No charges or conviction is required. However, law enforcement must provide enough information to substantiate that a crime occurred. Once an application has been submitted to victim services, a board reviews and determines a victim’s eligibility for the program.  Once approved, a victim compensation coordinator will work with victims to obtain documentation that support their loss.

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Who can receive compensation?

Crime victims or family members of deceased victims who:
  • Report the crime to law enforcement within 72 hours
  • Willingly cooperate with the investigation and prosecution
  • Suffer a physical injury or extreme mental distress
  • Have/will have expenses resulting from crime
  • Were a victim in Pinal County
Who is NOT able to receive compensation?
  • An applicant or victim convicted of a state or federal crime, who is delinquent in paying a court-ordered criminal fine, monetary penalty or restitution.
  • An offender or accomplice to the crime
  • A person serving (or escaped from serving) a prison sentence, work furlough or home arrest program
What expenses may be paid?

The total award limit is $25,000.

  • Medical and dental care, up to $25,000
  • Mental health counseling, up to $5,000
  • These services may be rendered to both victim or family members of deceased victims, or a person who witnessed a crime or discovered a crime scene.
  • Funeral expenses, up to $10,000
  • Crime scene cleanup, up to $2,000. This money is only available for homicide, sexual assault, and aggravated assault cases.
  • Victim’s travel expenses to court, medical or mental health appointments, up to $2,000.
  • Loss of wages, up to $25,000.
These funds may cover lost wages of:
  • A victim who is unable to work due to injury or mental distress
  • A family member making funeral arrangements
  • A victim or family member attending court proceedings or taking a minor child to medical or counseling appointments.
  • Loss of support for a spouse or dependent
What is not covered?
  • Stolen or damaged property
  • Payment for pain and suffering
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Expenses paid by an insurance plan, public funds or the offender
When should you apply?
  • An application can be submitted as soon as the crime is reported to law enforcement. No conviction is required, though law enforcement must provide enough information to substantiate that a crime may have occurred.
  • Applications must be submitted within two years from the date of crime or date of discovery of the crime.
  • An application may be submitted to establish eligibility even if expenses have not yet incurred.

Victim Compensation Programs in Other Counties:

If you believe the crime happened outside Pinal County, click here for a list of other county victim compensation programs.

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