New initiative launches to curb illegal dumping

FLORENCE - A new rewards program will provide a monetary incentive for residents to submit tips and information on those illegally dumping items in the desert as part of a revamped effort to curb the issue across Pinal County.

Pinal County is a beautiful place to live, work and play. However, the amount of tires, mattresses and other items littered across the desert is unacceptable and an eye sore. The Pinal County Attorney’s Office is launching a ‘rewards program’ that will provide a $500 reward to tipsters who submit information on people illegally dumping items if the tip leads to charges in the case.

“This is a problem that we need the whole community to help us solve,” said Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer.

Pinal County has also created a new, simplified online page to direct residents to any resource they are seeking. This includes how to properly dispose of bulky items, when and where to find community cleanups, and how to report an illegal dump site.

“We wanted a one stop shop with all the information that people would need to do the right thing,” Volkmer said. “We are really excited and hopeful that this new program is going to cut down on illegal dumping and hold those that do dump accountable.”

The new online site, which includes the submission form for the rewards program, officially launched Wednesday, December 8th.

“There’s no longer the excuse of, ‘I didn’t know what to do with it,” Volkmer said. “All of the information is now at the end of your fingertips.”

You can find the new online page HERE.

The revamped effort to address this issue is truly a county-wide effort. The Pinal County Attorney’s Office would like to thank public works, public health, the IT department, communications and marketing and the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office for their contributions and participation in this effort to #KeepPinalPristine.