Pinal County Attorney’s Office Statement on Child Abuse Allegations

FLORENCE, Ariz. (March 18, 2019) – Pinal County Attorney’s Office is evaluating the child abuse allegations against City of Maricopa resident Machelle Hobson, 47. We were first alerted to the police investigation and underlying allegations by City of Maricopa Police Department. On March 15, 2019, Hobson, and her two biological children 27-year-old Logan Hackney and 25-year-old Ryan Hackney, were taken into custody by local law enforcement.

Pinal County Attorney’s Office takes child abuse allegations very seriously. We are conducting a comprehensive review of the investigation to determine the most appropriate way to proceed forward with formal charges. While the allegations are highly disturbing and alarming, all three defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

“Children are our community’s most precious resource, and this office is committed to holding those individuals who choose to harm them fully accountable for their actions,” County Attorney Kent Volkmer said.


Grant Funds Will Support Crime Victim Awareness

FLORENCE, Ariz. (February 7, 2019) – The Office for Victims of Crime has selected Pinal County Attorney’s Office for a grant to bring awareness to the public about crime victims’ rights and other services available in the community. As an applicant for the 2019 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Community Awareness Projects, PCAO was granted up to $5724.00 for community projects proposed in our application. Pinal County Attorney’s Office was one of 92 projects selected among nearly 200 total applicants. The Victim Services Division has twelve victim advocates who answer questions, offer support, and accompany victims to court. Additionally, we work diligently within the community to establish relationships by attending monthly meetings in the county and statewide offering assistance and resources whenever possible. Our office plans to use the grant money to host awareness events on topics like victims’ rights, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, drunk driving, fraud, substance abuse, bullying, and suicide prevention.

In 2017, Pinal County Attorney’s Office victim advocates served nearly 930 victims and provided more than 25,700 services to victims of abuse.  It is important that if you are a victim of crime your voice be heard and therefore the Arizona Constitution affords crime victims specific rights. PCAO strongly encourages victims’ of crime to know their rights and the services that are available to them.

For more information regarding victims’ rights, victim compensation, and additional services available to victims please refer to our website at:

News Release for Crime Victim Awareness Grant Funds

Why PCAO will have a presence at the 54th legislative session

FLORENCE, Ariz. — On Monday, January 14, 2019, the Arizona legislature held its opening ceremony.  Arizona Representative (R) David Cook invited both Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer and Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb to the 54th legislative session.  During the ceremony, Governor Doug Ducey made his fifth State of the State speech to attendees.

We will have representatives from Pinal County Attorney’s Office at Arizona’s 54th Legislative session to listen and answer questions on laws that may have an impact on Pinal County.  We asked County Attorney Kent Volkmer to explain why it is important for PCAO to have a presence during the 2019 legislative session.


Pinal County Man Sentenced to 280 Years for Child Pornography

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Michael Huntoon gets 280 years in prison for child pornography

January 17, 2019

FLORENCE, Ariz. – A jury found 40-year-old Michael Huntoon guilty of ten counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and dangerous crimes against children.

At sentencing on January 9th, the court imposed a presumptive sentence of 28 years for each of the ten counts against him.  In total, Huntoon was sentenced to 280-years in prison.

“This office is committed to putting predators behind bars and keeping our communities safe.  Sentences like these ensure that Mr. Huntoon and those like him will never perpetrate another crime on another child,” Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer said.

In 2015, Phoenix and Chandler Police Departments uncovered Huntoon’s actions while they were proactively investigating on a peer-to-peer file sharing network known for the distribution of child pornography.  On the file-sharing network, they discovered downloadable images and videos exploiting children.  After close examination, detectives discovered the source of the information came from Huntoon’s computer.

The Phoenix Police Department, with the assistance of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, searched Huntoon’s Apache Junction residence.  During the search, law enforcement seized a laptop, cell phone, and tablet belonging to Huntoon.  Detectives from the Phoenix Police Department forensically analyzed those devices which resulted in the discovery of thousands of images of minors, as young as five-years-old.  Law enforcement officers arrested Huntoon on October 28, 2015.

“Cases like these are built by the seamless collaboration of multiple jurisdictions and police agencies.  By these agencies working together, men like Mr. Huntoon are systematically identified, prosecuted, and held accountable for their crimes against our most vulnerable,” Volkmer said.

Report child exploitation to the Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force at 623-466-1835.  Additionally, you can file a report online on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Cybertipline or call your local police agency.


County Attorney announces Anti-Drug Poster Contest winner

FLORENCE, Ariz. (12/5/2018) – The 28th Annual Pinal County Attorney’s Office Anti-Drug Poster Contest wrapped up at the Central Arizona College in Coolidge on Wednesday.   County Attorney Kent Volkmer announced the top three winners of the poster contest at the ceremony.

Sixth-grade students in Pinal County were given a month to create a poster with an anti-drug theme.  The students had one month starting in September to create a design that educates and engages Pinal’s youth on the importance of being drug-free.

Nearly 1000 students handed in their poster during the contest this year.  After receiving all the submissions, PCAO selects the top 40 posters.  Three Pinal County Superior Court judges decide which posters make the top ten and select the three best poster ideas.  Volkmer congratulated the top-ten students at a pizza party after they make the final round.

What’s at stake?  The Pinal County Attorney’s Office gives the Grand Prize winner’s class an educational field trip.  The Grand Prize winner also gets their poster printed on t-shirts and students who made it to the top 40 receive those t-shirts.  Second place winner has their idea put on notebooks, and the third prize poster idea goes on a bookmark.


Grand Prize Winner:

Legacy Traditional School

Second Prize Winner:

Mary C O’Brien Elementary School

Third Place Winner:

Eduprize School

Jury convicts murderer in death of 20-year-old shot eleven times

Arthur Magana gets murder conviction

FLORENCE, Ariz. (November 19, 2018) – A Pinal County Superior Court jury returned a verdict against a man charged with murdering another man outside the City of Maricopa on November 7, 2016. 

A jury convicted Arthur Magana of first-degree felony murder and armed robbery. 

In 2016, 16-year-old Arthur Magana and 17-year-old passenger Gustavo Olivo met 20-year-old Wyatt Miller.  Miller picked up the two juveniles in his truck and drove to a dirt road.  Magana was riding in the back seat of Miller’s truck when he fired eleven shots from the back seat striking Miller in his head, back, and neck.  Magana and Olivo, who took four ounces of marijuana, fled to a nearby house.  Deputies tracked footprints that led from the truck to a house where they located the suspects.  Detectives found marijuana, a gun, and bloody clothing at the scene.  Arthur Magana and Olivo were both arrested by Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. 

“Today, a jury of his peers held the defendant accountable for his vicious, execution-style murder of Wyatt Miller.  The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office along with the Pinal County Attorney’s Office worked collaboratively to bring justice for Mr. Miller and his family.  It is my sincere hope that with this conviction Mr. Miller’s family receives some measure of closure and can begin the long healing process,” County Attorney Kent Volkmer said.

A sentencing date has yet to be determined, but December 17, 2018, is set for the next hearing date.  


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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the Pinal County Attorney’s Office will be participating in several events highlighting the effects of domestic violence in our community. Please join us, with the Maricopa Police Department, on October 3rd for a special presentation of “23 Bruises.” A play depicting the real-life struggle of a Mesa woman […]

Casa Grande man sentenced to 19 years for manslaughter in 2013 fatal shooting

UPDATE FLORENCE, Ariz. (July 22, 2019) – Pinal County Superior Court Judge Patrick Gard sentenced Andrew Salazar to 19 years in prison for the manslaughter of Robert Ben DeArman III. Salazar was already serving time for a gun violation case. The manslaughter sentence will run concurrently with the gun violation case. Salazar was facing a […]

Man sentenced to 20 years for killing woman in wrong-way collision

FLORENCE, Ariz. (June 4, 2019) – Globe resident Jaeden Spurgeon, 20, was sentenced to 20 years in prison by a judge. He pleaded guilty to one count of manslaughter and two counts of aggravated assault. Manslaughter, a class 2 felony Aggravated Assault, a class 3 felony, endangering an officer Aggravated Assault, a class 3 felony, […]

Casa Grande Man Guilty of Manslaughter in 2013 Fatal Shooting

FLORENCE, Ariz. (May 24, 2019) – On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, a jury found Andrew Salazar guilty of manslaughter, a class two dangerous felony. On October 11, 2013, Robert Ben De Arman III was shot and killed at a party with friends in Florence. According to investigators, Andrew Salazar was drinking at the party for […]

Poster Contest Winner’s Class Participates in Science Field Trip

FLORENCE, Ariz. (May 21, 2019) – Thirty-one sixth grade students at City of Maricopa’s Legacy Traditional School accompanied six parents and a teacher to the Arizona Science Center.  County Attorney Kent Volkmer joined the students as they went through the exhibits.  Students in Mrs. Arney’s class were awarded the trip after their very talented classmate […]

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